KAXITE TECHNOLOGY (KXT-TECH) is a group of family businesses, developing since 2001, committed to the energy-saving materials & technology service, especially for high performance polyamide products, toolings and solutions for automatic production.

Now she's invested 3 companies, KAXITE Energy-saving Materials in 2001, KAXITE Protective Products in 2009, KAXITE Smart Devices in 2018, which supported by Nanjing University Of Science and Technology, Jiangyin Technology Bureau, Guangdong Nonferrous Metal Research Institute...

She's developing so fast and there're more than 170 employees in the group, with 3 factories, 3 offices, 2 laboratories, all located in China.

ABOUT KAXITE Energy-saving Materials

KAXITE Energy-saving Materials (used to be PA66 Profile Division) has been developing since 2001, also is the earliest project in the group. There were so many failures happened in the beginning, but finally, we successfully extruded out the PA66 profiles in 2003, and owned our first workshop for polyamide extrusion in Jiangyin, China. In the year of 2015, KAXITE got the license for overseas business, shared the high quality products and technology to clients all over the world.


We tried our best to invest and develop high performance PA66 profiles, and got great achievement at the end of 2008, became the biggest competitor for TECHNOFORM company.

In 2011, we successfully applicated the Cold Hard Extrusion Process (as the first one all over the world) instead of water cold extrusion process on the material of PA66 which reinforced by fiberglass, and made rather great progress for the mechanical performance and high precision of thermal insulating strut, became the leader in the thermal breaks industry.

In 2012, patent IC polyamide strip invented.

In 2015, we became the captain of the National Standard Committee.

In 2018, revised and publicated the Chinese standard GB/T 23615.1-2017 for PA66 profiles.


Most of our earnings were invested into the researching and developing activities. We never stop trying and increasing the performance of our products. In addition, we have our own capacity of Granulation in order to control the performance of raw materials, which capacity of 9,855 tons per year, and is the only one who used the technology of Vacuum Drying for nylon granules.

We developed our first patent in 2012 (the shape IC strut), which has both advantage of the firmness of shape I and the beauty of shape C. Now we keep on designing new shapes for realizing better Uf value for the aluminium frames. (currently could be lower than Uf 1.5 W/m2K)

The processes were strictly in line with ISO9001:2008 and under the control of our own Quality Management Dept., the production procedure was inspected and approved by many european customers in the recent years.

The hardest thing is not thinking, but realizing. Most customers were upset that nobody could develop the shapes that they designed, some counterparts even came and looking for help to our workshop. We developing and cutting new dies for our customer, of course we never failed to develop any shape for our customers. 


We're diversifiedly developed and dedicated in designing and developing series of energy-saving materials, apart from PA thermal insulation strips that used in heat break aluminium profiles and energy-saving window systems, we also could make the EPDM/ABS/PE/PVC extruded profiles, as well as nylon chain guide instead of PE material for automatic production line...

Now say what? We’ll go on using our way to develop higher performance energy-saving materials to make our world better!